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Every little counts, and every detail is significant

The same goes for window tinting as it further enhances the overall car look and prolongs the interior’s lifespan through proper, much needed, protection.

Just as we humans can bear a certain limit of direct sunlight before we fall with a heat stroke, the car is no different. As such, we have selected some the best materials available in the global market in order to offer nothing less from the international standard.

On a more concerned note, according to the American Cancer Society and Healthcare centers, Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation are one of the primary causes of most skin cancers. Prolonged exposure to sunlight could have major health repercussions, and living in a region such as ours, we share these concerns.

We advise protection not just for the vehicle, but also explicitly for the people in the vehicle. As safety is one of our fundamental values, we will stop at nothing to provide you with solutions that address these concerns along with many others that spring from the hazards of the vehicle. Many are unaware, for example, that the heat within the vehicle could rise to 60 degrees Celsius when parked under direct sunlight in just one hour; the result of this could be fatal if an enfant is locked inside over a long period. That is why we recommend window tinting for a healthier environment for you and your loved ones.

M360 Pronano Films provide outstanding solar heat rejection by using nano-ceramic particles to selectively filter out infrared heat at the glass, keeping you and your car cooler under the sun.

53% of the Sun’s spectrum is made up of infrared heat. Pronano work to block out up to 76% of that heat from ever entering your car.

M360 pronano films are Media Friendly Films that will not interfere with your electronics. All M360 Pronano brand films are made from high quality weather-able poly designed to withstand extreme conditions.

All Pronano™ films are metal-free making them media friendly unlike metallized products that can interfere with your radio, cell and satellite signals.