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In respect to the heritage entrusted to us in the car-wrapping segment, one must understand the history behind this innovative and easy-application solution. It was back in 1926 when the Goodrich Corporation accidently discovered vinyl chloride. An invention that disrupted the paint based advertising industry, reshaping the possibilities of graphics and creating endless growth opportunities in the mobile advertising industry.

It was only by the 1980’s that vinyl production costs became affordable by small business that it took an exponential growth with the support of new technologies, piezoelectric inkjet printers, which sprung the vinyl wrap invention at the turn of the 21st century becoming the ideal choice for car expressionists, be them individual or corporate. Today, vehicle wrapping thrives globally and we are witnessing continuous innovations from the technological side, as well as, design sophistication.

Car wrapping is the ultimate inspiration zone, it has unleashed levels of creativity and styling never witnessed before in the automotive industry.

What was once quite a costly endeavor is now affordable to private vehicle owners, more specifically, the Auto maniacs. Remember the feeling of coloring white shapes and sketches, oh well, now your canvas is about 1,500 kilograms and runs on more than 350 horsepower. So, what was your favorite color? Shape Perhaps ? YES, IT'S THAT SIMPLE.

M360 Studio

The M360 Studio is the heart of our business where we stretch imagination and let our passion take the lead.

We offer exclusive styling designs from proven artists around the world, and through our network of designers we will bring you a true point of inspiration and uniqueness. And we don’t stop there, we also taken it upon ourselves to offer customizable designs and solutions as per the clients desire for a truly authentic “one of a kind” superior design that will be a mirror image of the car owner. It is in this very styling studio that dreams transcend reality, and what was once impossible is now possible. Care to venture to the edge? Choose one of our unique themes or even guide us to yours.

Full Car Wraps

Full car wraps is the ultimate alternative to an expensive full paint job and is highly flexible in a sense that it is easily applicable upon desire. We have partnered up with the vehicle wrapping industry’s pioneers to offer you a variety of solutions, one of which is Avery Dennison, 3M, & Arlon.

With a wide variety of solutions from solid car wrap film colors to printable options and finishes, the personalization alternatives are indeed infinite. Their product range stems from the essence of flexibility and an ever-changing car appearance, reflecting their true leadership position within the adhesive industry in the Americas, Europe, and “Everywhere you look” with a heritage of more than 75 years of innovations.

Car exhibitions:

Exhibitions are an opportunity for cars to shine, becoming the center of attention.

We understand the signifi- cance for expression in essence and look to support car brands in doing so. Through the creation of excitement and attraction via fashionable and disruptive design, we will drive further enthusiastic traffic that will grasp what the car brands are attempting to communicate through their display units. Giving the cars the chance to speak to the audience in what words cannot convey.

Commercial branding:

When it comes to the mobile advertising solutions, we understand that car wrapping has become one of the core methods. Where the flexibility offered has transformed the vehicle to a brand ambassador and is a key brand touch-point, for this reason, we have taken up the challenge of commercial branding for any range of vehicles or even surfaces for that matter.

We recognize the corporate need of quality and execution that reflects their corporate standards and we guarantee nothing short of that.

Racing & sports events:

The professional racing scene is every enthusiast’s haven, and the countless number of global events is one of the main connecting hubs that enable the sharing of these passions. As such, we are not strangers to these events and aim to share our knowledge and talent through them. We are always humbled when a professional approach us, and in return, hope to match and exceed every expectation. It is through our design and execution that the depth of our respect is revealed and unraveled.

To illustrate our admiration for the racing community, we leave you with three quotes from some of our favorite professionals:

Mario Andretti

"Motor racing is like one big family, ultimately, and when you come back to it, that’s really what it feels like"

... Enzo Ferrari

"I have yet to meet anyone quite so stubborn as myself and animated by this overpowering passion that leaves me no time for thought or anything else."

Ayrton Senna

"The harder I push, the more I find within myself"