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Even our car care segment was spawned out of passion, and it presents every enthusiast with the opportunity to express their ultimate pride in their vehicles and maintain its appearance.

Our exclusive detailing service offers multiple car care solution packages to cater every need. We understand the importance of car presentation and how it is crucial to reflect the true beauty of car.
Presentation is indeed important but lets not get carried away and forget the significance of the interiors hygiene aspect of the vehicle. Not just in terms of cleanliness , but that sanitation from the built up bacteria and other germs is vital for the safety of the passengers; especially the little ones. Automotive researchers have proven that these germs are a danger to our health and have ventured to solutions that would eliminate the risks. For this reason, we highly recommend taking into perspective the hygienic requirements of the car care segment. For this reason, we highly recommend taking into perspective the hygienic requirements of the car care segment.

Our exclusive detailing service offers the full spectrum of treatments and solutions for restoration, enhancement, preservation and ongoing maintenance of some of the world’s finest cars, from new or old delivery mileage sedans, Suvs, all the way through to Super and classic cars that are worth millions.

Detailing & Protection

It is true that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but this is not the case with cars; for us, a car’s beauty is for every eye to behold.

M360 selected technical & professional products, are of the world’s leading surface care product companies & suppliers, we ensure that your vehicle is catered to with the attention and care it merits. We ensure that or product potifolio and global partnered & supply companies work closely with car manufacturers, paint manufacturers, and other OEM suppliers to develop the most advanced automotive detailing & protection solutions & products in the marketplace. Within this holistic framework, our partners are fully committed to manufacture these products with the envi-ronment in mind. This starts in the developmental stages in the labs and includes the manufacturing process, consumer usage, and finally waste disposal.

M360 offers and extends its services and solutions to cover most car interior and exterior defects and had altered and well-designed packages to resto-ration, enhancement, preservation and overcome most occurring defects be it on the exterior or interior of you beloved car.

Paint Protection

M360 offers superior protection to your car and we've selected a leading breakthrough nanotechnology that offers your car just the perfect protection and maximum shine ever with Super hydrophobic effect & quickest curing time.

"Always Dry" Pronano Ceramic Coating & Ultimate Shine:
M360 brings you an innovation "Always Dry" Brand serves a super-hydrophobic and advanced ceramic product which is based on nanotechnology and is applied to a wide range of applications.
Applying Always Dry with any absorbent surface will form an invisible protection layer with highly hydrophobic properties as the Nano polymers bond in a molecular level. Any fluid in contact with the treated surface will simply beads and rolls off without staining it.

Now and at M360 you will certainly experience world class treatments, both the interior and exterior will exhibit an extraordinary radiance and luster. A vehicle or marine craft is usually the second largest expense one will incur during one’s lifetime. Unfortunately, it is a massive depreciating asset that is quite expensive to begin with, so protecting one’s new asset is essential.

Nothing compares to the dramatic, flawless shine of a brand new paint finish. But in reality, it rarely lasts. When a vehicle looks older – more scratched and worn out –than it actually is, both pride and resale value are lost. A high quality and durable paint protection absorbs the damage that would normally be caused directly on the paint. Thus, the paint of the vehicle stays protected and will retain its value longer.

However, not all car care product paint protections are the same. Protectants on the market today offer only some or limited amount of protection and do not offer lasting shine without a 3-6 month reapplication. A product that protects from bird droppings, UV Rays, acid rain, road salt, rust, offers scratch protection, a lasting shine, requires less maintenance and has self-cleaning effect is obviously worth more than the one that just gives a temporary shine. 9H LDC Pro is a permanent interior & paint protection with a 4-5 Micron thickness.

Protect & Repel

Advanced ceramic automotive paint coating, which offers not only high durability but most of all superb hydrophobic properties. Unlike other products.

Shine & Strengthen

Enhance or restore your pride and joy with our ultimate paint protection and surface coatings. Designed for new and used vehicles, marine & air craft. Add ceramic based Wheel Pro to Protect & Repel.

Clean & Refresh

Protect your valuables with this beading technology whilst adding outstanding paint protection to your pride.